Should You Repaint Your Home Before You Sell It?

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Having your home painted before you list it for sale is one of the easiest ways to boost interest in your home while adding value to it. Kitchen cabinet painting, trim painting, and interior walls are easy, cost-effective ways to present your home to potential buyers in the best possible light. Here’s why you should enlist some help from the pros to paint your home before you sell it.

Up The Value Of Your Home

According to HomeGain, painting a home’s exterior can boost its value by about $2,176. However, exterior painting is not the only way to add value to your home before you sell. Kitchen cabinet painting can add to your home’s market value, but don’t stop with kitchen cabinet painting. If you paint the interior of your entire home, you can add up to 12% resale value to your home, according to the Real Estate Brokers Association. Painting the interior of your home can have a nice impact on your sales price.

Attract Qualified Buyers

Qualified home buyers are ready to make a purchase. They’re simply looking for the right opportunity. A turn-key option is where the buyer doesn’t have to make any upgrades to get the home ready to move in. A freshly painted house is something that will attract qualified buyers.

When a potential buyer walks through your home and sees that they don’t have to worry about kitchen cabinet painting or interior painting for a while, it will pique their interest in your home. You may be able to muscle out the competition by having your home painted before listing the home.

Increase Aesthetics

Interior painting instantly updates your home, no matter the age of your property. Your home will appear well-cared for and maintained. Interior painting can elevate your home in just a few short days. It’s an easy and affordable way to improve your home’s looks and feel to potential buyers. Interior painting can help push buyers closer to your asking price.

If you’re going to make one improvement before you sell your home, it should be interior painting. Connect with our team at Midlands Pro Painters today. We’ll improve the look and feel of your home before you sell. You will be glad that you gave us a call!