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Give Your Garage Floor the Ultimate Protection With Polyspartic Coatings

Your garage floor’s concrete surface can be tough to maintain because it’s one of the most-used surfaces in your home. You have to shield the flooring from unsightly markings and protect it against damage from your car, foot traffic, dropped items, and chemical stains.

Midlands Pro Painters can apply a concrete coating in Lexington, SC. Our decorative flooring service can improve the space’s visual appearance while enhancing its durability against chemicals, hot tires, cracks, chips, and other damage.

Why Choose Polyspartic Over Epoxy as Your Garage Floor Coating in Lexington, SC?

Concrete floor coatings in Lexington, SC, is a fantastic alternative to traditional concrete garage flooring. Concrete Coating is a mix of resin and liquid hardener that becomes a thick, glossy concrete coating that is four times stronger then epoxy after curing. The results last for years while holding up to the foot traffic and the excessive weight that you subject your garage floor to every day. 

You can have any decorative finish you want with concrete floor coatings from Midlands Pro Painters. Since resin is transparent, we can transform your garage floor using any color, pattern, or design and adjust the glossy surface to produce the right type of shine for your tastes.

Expert Garage Epoxy Floor Coating in Lexington, SC
Flake Epoxy Flooring

Enjoy the Benefits of Your New Floor in Lexington, SC

Flake flooring system is a nonporous material with a non-slip finish. Grime, dirt, and liquids can’t penetrate it, making your garage floor maintenance a breeze. The coating is also stain and moisture-resistant to protect the concrete from stains and damage.

Midlands Pro Painters delivers an advanced concrete floor coating system for garage floors with an impressive 3-year warranty. Our multi-layered system is one of the most durable coating choices for garage floors, and it’s able to withstand daily wear and tear without sacrificing its attractiveness. 

Our Process for Installing Garage Floor Coatings

We have a time-tested process to prepare garage floors and apply the concrete coatings. We know how to create stunning results with our attention to detail and expertise.


Concrete Grinding

We strip the concrete from dirt, oil, grime, and old coatings to open the material's pores and allow for a better grip on the polyspartic.


Concrete Floor Repair

We repair holes and cracks in the concrete to retain its structural integrity.


Primer, Base Coat, and Flake Application

We lay down an epoxy primer, basecoat, and colored flakes after fixing the concrete.


Floor Smoothing and Topcoat Application

Once the Polyspartic cures, we smooth its surface by scraping up excess flakes. Then, we'll seal all the gaps with a clear topcoat.

Concrete Coatings Prices

We possess the necessary know-how and talent to get the job done efficiently and the way it needs to be done for the best outcome, down to the finest details.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

1 car garage*


2 car garage*


Flake Epoxy Flooring

3 car garage*


*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your garage and the extent of repairs needed. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique concrete floor coating job after the in-house consultation.

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Did an outstanding job. Very thorough and neat and reasonably priced.

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They did a great job! Very professional, timely, and cleaned up. We will use them again!

Renee Walchak L'Ecuyer

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