9 Reasons to Repaint Your Kitchen This Year

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Your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home. This is why many people refer to it as the heart of the home. But, if your kitchen looks dated or doesn’t have a good overall vibe to it, your kitchen may become the eyesore of the home. While there are many changes or renovations that you can make to the kitchen, one of the easiest ways to quickly update the look and feel of the space is to paint it. Painting kitchens is complicated and complex, so you should rely on house painting companies to paint your kitchen space for you. Here are nine of the top reasons why you may want to consider repainting your kitchen this year.

1. Make It Look Larger

Do you enter your kitchen and feel like it’s too small, or that you wish it looked a bit bigger? Regardless of what size kitchen you have, the paint color you select for the space can trick the eye into making the kitchen look larger than it is. When you select light colors, such as white, cream, beige, or pastel colors, you can make a kitchen look larger than it is. This can be especially beneficial to those who have a small kitchen, or those who want to enhance their kitchen to get their home ready to sell.

2. Help It Look Brighter

In addition to a paint color being used to make a kitchen larger, the paint color you select to be painted by a house painting company can help your kitchen look brighter. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your space or your kitchen naturally looks dark, this can be an important element in brightening up your space. Once again, you want to use lighter colors to make your space seem brighter and more airy. Additionally, you can use natural light bulbs to further increase the amount of perceived natural light in your kitchen and to trick the eye into thinking a space looks a lot brighter than it really is.

3. Modernize Your Kitchen

The paint color that is on the walls in your kitchen can age your kitchen or can modernize a kitchen. Ideally, you should repaint your walls about every five to seven years. However, the paint colors that were popular five or so years ago may now look dated and aged and can make your kitchen look the same. By updating the paint color in your kitchen, you can help your kitchen to look more modern. Currently, gray is one of the most common colors utilized by those who are looking to modernize their kitchen spaces.

4. Increase the Cleanliness

As you cook in your kitchen, the walls can become dirty. Tomato sauce may boil up from your stove or your child can make a mess while learning to roll bread dough. While you may try your best to clean the walls, the food particles may stay stuck to your walls, or worse, may stain them. Another key reason why you may want to repaint your kitchen is because your walls are dirty. If you are unable to remove stains from your walls, a house painting company may be able to prime your walls and then repaint them, helping to hide dirty, stained, or otherwise undesirable walls from being present in your kitchen.

5. Address Peeling or Chipping Paint

Paint does not always age gracefully. As paint ages, it may start to peel or chip. Paint may also peel if you attempt to clean it using an abrasive cleaner or sponge. Once your paint starts to peel or chip, there is no way to salvage it. A professional should be called in to remove as much of the peeling or chipped paint and smooth your wall. From there, the walls can be repainted. A house painting company should always be used, as you can easily create an unfinished look to your wall if you improperly paint over peeling or chipped paint.

6. Alter the Look of the Space

The right color can take your kitchen space and completely transform and alter it. Think about the colors on your walls for a second. Your kitchen would look completely different if you decide to paint the walls navy blue or bubble gum pink. No matter what type of aesthetic or look you are going for, you can completely transform the entire look and feel of your space by utilizing unique paint colors.

7. Increase the Value of Your Home

One of the lesser-known reasons why you should consider repainting your kitchen this year is because you may actually be able to increase the value of your home by painting spaces in your home, including the kitchen. According to Open Door, interior painting usually results in a 107% return on investment. This means that not only will you recoup all of the money that you spend on the paint and the house painting service, but you will actually make some money as well. If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, you want to maximize your return on investment. Painting important spaces in the home, such as the kitchen, helps you to accomplish that goal.

8. Improve Your Mood While In the Space

The color of the paint on the walls in your kitchen can actually affect your mood. Bright and vibrant paint colors, such as red and orange have been shown to help increase energy within a space. Blue paint colors have been shown to be soothing. And light greens, such as sage or mint, have been shown to have a relaxing effect on the mood of people in a space. You want people who spend time in your kitchen to be in a happy mood. Selecting the perfect paint color can help to enhance their mood as they spend time in the kitchen. It can also help your mood as you cook and prepare meals for your loved ones.

9. Match New Elements In Your Kitchen

The final reason why you may want to consider repainting your kitchen this year is to match new elements in your kitchen. If you have updated the flooring in your kitchen, installed new cabinets, or had a new countertop installed, your existing paint color may no longer match the new elements in your space. Updating the paint color is a great way to tie all of these elements together, ensuring your kitchen looks and feels cohesive and everything works well together.

Your kitchen is where you gather with your family on holidays or where your friends come together to celebrate a birthday. It’s where you bake a meal for your significant other or teach your children how to bake cookies. While the wall color does not affect the function of the kitchen, it can greatly affect the overall look and feel of the space, as well as affect the value of your kitchen. If your kitchen can benefit from a fresh coat of paint or a new color of paint, a house painting company should be hired.

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