8 Signs Your Cabinets Could Use a Fresh Coat of Paint

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Your interior cabinets are not just supplemental storage units that free up valuable space inside your home. They are also decorative elements that can establish connections between different rooms. Of course, your cabinets can only reach their full utility and design potential if their exterior coats remain in good condition. Look out for the signs described below so you can quickly determine if you need new kitchen cabinet painting.

1. Your Cabinets Are Scratched or Dented

First off, paying for new cabinet painting makes sense if those elements of your interior décor have sustained superficial damage. The superficial damage we’re discussing here includes scratches and dents. Unfortunately, it’s hard to protect your cabinets from those types of damage if you use them regularly. Closing your cabinets a bit too forcefully or bumping them with your kitchen utensils may already be enough for scratches and dents to form.

Few things are as annoying as seeing those blemishes on your cabinets. Thankfully, you can address those signs of damage through painting. Professional painters can fill in the scratches and dents and leave no signs that your cabinets were ever damaged in the first place. You can expect your cabinets to look brand new after the professionals are done working on them. Note that painting still helps even if the scratches and dents on your cabinets are quite deep. Painters can expertly fill in the gaps that have formed and remove them. Don’t hesitate to enlist professional assistance if your cabinets have sustained those types of damage.

2. Your Cabinets Have Water Damage

Installing cabinets over your kitchen sink makes sense in terms of convenience. It’s nice to have your kitchen tools and ingredients always within reach while prepping food. Then again, there are also downsides to putting your cabinet over your kitchen sink. The biggest downside to that type of cabinet placement is leaving it exposed to water damage.

Water damage is a more significant issue compared to scratches and dents. The stains caused by water damage are highly visible and can quickly capture the attention of anyone who walks inside your kitchen. Excess water damage can also lead to mold formation. You must do something about that water damage to preserve your kitchen cabinets. New kitchen cabinet painting can conceal the water signs. On top of that, your professional painters can also protect your kitchen cabinets from future water damage. The painters can seal and paint the kitchen cabinets to keep them intact long-term.

3. Your Cabinets Have Paint Blisters

Many homeowners are familiar with scratches, dents, and water damage. They know why they form and can take steps to avoid them. Relatively speaking, paint blisters are not quite as well known. If blisters appear on your cabinets soon after painting, that likely means the surface was coated with dirt and debris. Paint blisters that appear later on are probably related to the warm conditions inside your home. Humid conditions can also contribute to paint blister formation. Regardless of why your cabinets have paint blisters, you need to remove those blemishes immediately.

Ask the painters to rework your cabinets and eliminate the blisters. This time around, they can ensure that the surfaces are clean to prevent any blisters from forming again. They can also check for small bubbles that will likely become blisters and address them right then and there.

4. Your Cabinets Aren’t Working Properly

Were your cabinets only installed and painted a few weeks ago, but you’re already having issues with them? Does the specific issue you’re experiencing pop up whenever you try to open your cabinets? If it takes some effort to pry them open, and they even feel stuck sometimes, the likely cause of that issue is the paint on the cabinet hinges.

Perhaps the painters you previously hired forgot to cover the hinges while they were working. Now that the paint has dried, they are restricting the movement of the hinges. You have to remove the paint on those hinges if you want your cabinets to work properly again. Applying a fresh coat of paint will also be necessary because the original coat will likely sustain some damage.

5. Your Cabinets Are Coated with Fading Paint

Seeking new cabinet painting is a good idea, even if those elements of your home aren’t showing visible signs of damage. The fading colors on your cabinets could also prompt the need for a new paint job. Hire interior painters to work on your cabinets if the colors that previously rounded out your interior design scheme have faded.

If you use your kitchen often, the paint on your cabinets may fade after a few years. Inspect your cabinets closely and see if they can benefit from some retouching.

6. Your Cabinets Don’t Fit Your Revamped Kitchen Design

The kitchen can be the key asset of any property. Modern kitchens, in particular, are highly coveted by shoppers in the real estate market. Even if you have no plans to sell your home, revamping your kitchen design is a worthy endeavor. Just remember to include your cabinets in your kitchen renovation plans.

Failing to paint your cabinets during kitchen renovation can make them look out of place. They may no longer be assets that enhance your kitchen ecosystem. Quickly address that issue by hiring professional kitchen cabinet painters. Let them apply the fresh coats of paint that will allow your cabinets to blend seamlessly into your new kitchen.

7. Your Cabinets Have Become Unremarkable Elements of Your Home Interior

According to House Grail, around 88% of people develop a greater desire to stay inside after painting an interior room. If you’ve grown tired of your home décor, you should strongly consider updating your paint job. It may be the shot in the arm your interior design needs.

Try out some new colors to make your kitchen design more fun. Bright colors can liven up that part of your home. Smart color pairings can also add new dimensions to your interior décor that it was sorely lacking. Ask professional painters to add those new color schemes to your home and marvel at how much they change its overall look and feel.

8. Your Cabinets Are Covered in Unknown Paint

Buying an old house is exciting. You can combine your new design ideas with the home’s standout features to create something new and spectacular. While coming up with ways to revitalize the appearance of your new home, you should check if the cabinets are painted.

If the house you purchased is already on the older side, there’s a good chance the paint used on those cabinets contains VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Paints that contain VOCs are potentially harmful as they can cause respiratory problems, headaches, and even vision issues. Their adverse effects are even more noticeable in poorly ventilated areas.

Err on the side caution if your cabinets are covered in unknown paint. Partner with a painting service and have them work on your cabinets. Use non-toxic paints on your cabinets and minimize their threat to your health.

New kitchen cabinet painting will become a necessity for your household eventually. You can tell the time is right for new cabinet painting if you encounter the signs we discussed here. Allow us to handle the cabinet painting for you. Reach out to Midlands Pro Painters today and see what expert painting can do for your home!