6 Trendy Paint Colors to Consider for Your Living Room

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Could your living room use a refresh? Interior painting can revitalize your living space and make a drab space look new again. In fact, according to RemodelingExpense, repainting your living room offers a 125% return on investment, so hiring interior painters to upgrade this space is worth your while. If you’re looking for something exciting, request one of these colors for your painting project.

1. Rust

This orange-brown hue perfectly combines earthy tones and bolder shades. It complements many other colors, including blues and deep browns. Many shades of rust are muted, which keeps this color from feeling overwhelming. It works particularly well with rustic furniture and vintage pieces.

2. Blush Pink

It’s rare to see colors like pink in living rooms, but more and more people are taking the plunge and using blush paint. What’s great about blush is that it’s a neutral shade of pink. You can pair it with other pink-hued colors, like magenta, or tone it down by using neutrals.

3. Browns

Even though brown is neutral, it’s unusual to see darker brown shades on interior walls. While people usually opt for lighter colors, like tan and beige, seeing brown walls in living rooms is becoming increasingly common. Brown is a warm color, and when used appropriately, it can make a room feel more inviting.

4. Leaf Green

Green is a color seen everywhere in nature, making it perfect for interior painting projects. Even though it’s a vibrant color, it pairs beautifully with nearly any shade. You can combine it with bright colors to create a tropical-inspired space or use neutrals for an earthy-looking room.

5. Orange and Yellow

Usually, citrus colors like orange and yellow are used in kitchens. However, people are also starting to use these shades in other parts of the home, including living rooms. These bright, cheerful shades contrast beautifully against stark white crown molding, but they also work well with primary colors and shades of green.

6. Greige

Vibrant hues are back in style, but fans of neutral colors still have many options. One of the most popular neutral shades right now is greige, a combination of gray and beige. Even though it’s a low-key color, it’s visually interesting and can add depth to living rooms.

No matter what your living room looks like, a new coat of paint can enhance your space. Today’s paint color trends work with many decor styles, ranging from eclectic spaces to modern homes. Contact Midlands Pro Painters today if you’re ready to get started on your interior painting project!