5 Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors for 2023

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If you want to transform your kitchen but don’t want to deal with a lot of disruption, kitchen cabinet painting is the way to go. It’s also an economical choice. According to Statista, 41% of homeowners view white as the most desirable color for kitchen cabinets. However, there are a ton of other color options to choose from. Once you’ve decided to undertake this project and schedule your kitchen cabinet painting services, it’s time to settle on that color.

Kitchens are an important part of your overall home design, and they’re often the room that sets the tone for your design and decor. If your cabinets are still in good shape but just look a bit tired, a fresh coat of paint could be all they need. Here are some new trendy paint colors to consider this year. Which one is perfect for you?

1. Bright White

This is one of the most popular paint colors in all of interior design right now. If you want your kitchen to look crisp and clean, this is the cabinet color for you. Fully white kitchens are a mainstay and will likely remain a popular choice well into the future. With your kitchen cabinet painting project, you’ll be able to transform this important room in every home. If you want to give your kitchen a pop of color, you can choose to paint one part of the cabinets with an accent color. This will keep the overall look of your kitchen bright, but also give it an additional design element.

Depending on the overall design scheme of your kitchen and home, you can accentuate your design style with the hardware you choose. Updating your cabinet hardware when you have the painting done, is an effective way to totally transform your cabinets. Sleek, brushed nickel pulls are perfect for any kitchen, but there’s a wide range of possibilities available. In fact, with white cabinets, your hardware will be what makes them a more distinctive part of your kitchen. No matter which metal finish you choose, it’s important to have pulls that complete the look you’re aiming for with your kitchen design.

2. Tan

Wood cabinets can feel outdated in some kitchens, but tan paint is a great compromise if you want a shade of brown for your cabinets. This color choice will give you the same tone as wood cabinets, but with a more modern look. If you have a country kitchen, tan is the perfect option for your cabinets. This neutral color choice works well with a variety of different kitchen styles, from modern to traditional. Most commonly, it’s a color used for cabinets in farm-style kitchens that have a more modern twist. But the possibilities are truly endless.

Your hardware choice will finish the look following your kitchen cabinet painting services. For a traditional look, white knobs are very popular. A more whimsical choice is painted ceramic knobs in a color scheme that complements your overall kitchen decor. For a more contemporary look, bronze and silver are top choices. If your cabinets are of an older construction, you may not need any hardware at all. Adding a chocolate brown trim to your cabinet facing will also elevate the look and add some visual interest.

3. High-Gloss Black

Black might not be the first color that pops up when you think of kitchen cabinets, but it’s a color that’s definitely becoming popular. The ultra-gloss option transforms your cabinets into true statement pieces. This is the perfect option if you have a contemporary kitchen, and even better when your appliances are stainless steel. Anyone who wants to be on-trend with their interior design and is starting a kitchen cabinet painting project should have high-gloss black paint somewhere near the top of their list of possibilities. This is a modern look that works across a variety of different looks.

Even as brushed nickel and silver remain two of the most popular metal finishes, when you have black-painted cabinets, the shinier your hardware the better. There is a wide range of different hardware available for your kitchen cabinets, and choosing the right one is key to finishing the look. If you want a truly stylish and forward-looking kitchen, you can choose different pulls for your uppers and lowers. Drawer pulls can also be unique as long as all the hardware you choose melds well together. Black cabinets are a bold choice that will make your kitchen stand out!

4. Navy

A more traditional, yet still bold, option is navy blue. Your kitchen cabinet painting project can transform your traditional kitchen in a way that feels more modern than many other choices. If you have a European-style kitchen, navy is a wonderful choice. It’s one of the few colors that works well in both traditional and contemporary style schemes. In many ways, navy blue also acts as a neutral color. If you have a yellow, green, or even white kitchen, navy cabinets are a fantastic option. It’s an easy choice to pair with a variety of different styles, colors, and textures.

Your navy blue cabinets will give your kitchen a sense of depth that allows you to take risks with other aspects of your kitchen design. If you’ve always wanted a bright and bold ceramic tile backsplash, navy cabinets are the perfect complement. There’s not very much that doesn’t look great with navy. If you want a French or Tuscan style for your kitchen, consider imported, and hand-crafted cabinet pulls to achieve that special look.

5. Yellow

If you and your family and friends spend a lot of time in your kitchen, a lovely yellow is a perfect color for your cabinets. This cheerful and bright color option will make your kitchen feel welcoming and inviting. Your light yellow cabinets will make your kitchen feel sunny even on the gloomiest of days. And, it’s a color that works well with both contemporary and traditional kitchen design styles.

Metal hardware can be a hard decision for this color but ceramic knobs are often the right choice. A bold color for your pulls will give your cabinets more definition, while white or other neutral colors will have the opposite effect. Now’s an ideal time to take a closer look at your cabinets. If they’re structurally sound but could do with a bit of an update, painting them will get the desired effect. Pale yellow or any other color will provide your kitchen with an updated and fresh look.

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