3 Signs Your Kitchen Cabinets Need to be Painted

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Repainting your kitchen cabinets enables you to give them a whole new look and feel without replacing them. According to Statista, 41% of surveyed homeowners think white is the best color for cabinets, but a painting company can offer several different colors and finishes to complement a variety of aesthetics and make your kitchen look better than ever before. Are you wondering if kitchen cabinet painting is right for you? The following signs indicate that it’s time to make this upgrade.

1. You’re Renovating Your Kitchen

If you’re doing a full renovation of your kitchen but your cabinets are still functional, it makes sense to consider kitchen cabinet painting services. Be sure to avoid updating everything in your kitchen except your cabinets, as this will make them stand out and appear neglected. Professional painters can give you gorgeous, new-looking cabinets without the disruption that comes with replacing them.

2. The Current Color Is Dated

Are your cabinets currently painted in a color that hasn’t been popular in years? Interior design trends change over time, and a dated cabinet color can bring down the entire look and feel of your kitchen. A cabinet painting contractor can help you find the right paint color to bring your kitchen into the present.

3. It’s Time to Update the Hardware

When your cabinet hardware is in need of an update, it’s likely time for a paint refresh too. If you’re already going to be spending time updating and replacing your hardware, it only makes sense to hire a kitchen cabinet painting service while you’re at it. Choosing a color that complements your new hardware and the rest of your kitchen design scheme will make your cabinets an asset to the room as a whole. Professional painters can help you explore all the possibilities before deciding on a color.

Kitchen cabinet painting is an effective way to give your kitchen a boost without undergoing a disruptive project. If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of this exciting upgrade, Midlands Pro Painters is here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about our local services and schedule your introductory consultation. We look forward to helping you take your kitchen to the next level!