3 Signs Your Home Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

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If something about your home’s appearance has seemed off lately but you can’t put your finger on it, take a closer look at the paint. It could be that your home needs a fresh coat or even a new color. This can be true even if you just repainted a few years ago. According to Angi, repainting your home should occur every four to six years on average. Whether or not it’s been that long is one clue you need to repaint, but there are others you need to look out for as well.

1. The Obvious: Damage and Age

If your home’s paint is cracking, bubbling, and peeling, it needs new paint. Either the old paint was very old, or it wasn’t applied properly. In either case, it’s now failing. Exterior house painters can remove all the damaged paint and give the house a fresh coat. Interior house painters can evaluate why the paint is truly flaking off and help you remedy the situation. For example, if the paint in the bathroom is bubbling, the painters may find that it’s due to poor ventilation creating a lot of humidity that’s affecting older paint. And, of course, if the paint is extremely old, it would be time for a new coat anyway.

2. The Not-So-Obvious: Adjacent Conditions

Sometimes the paint isn’t looking too bad, but the stuff around it is. If the caulking around windows is cracked, for example, that can indicate that you’ll have to call house painters. Fixing the caulk can result in nearby chips and uneven borders, requiring new paint. You may also want to call exterior house painters after replacing windows or your roof, or even after replacing the landscaping. Obviously, you’re not going to call them weekly; this is when you’re doing substantial renovations and refreshing, such as completely redoing the landscaping layout all around the base of your home, including replacing soil and so on.

3. The Not-at-All-Obvious: You’re Selling

Did you know that if you’re planning to sell your home and have not gotten new interior or exterior paint in the past few years, you actually need to repaint at this point? Well, you don’t have to, but you should if you want to ask for a better price. If you don’t repaint and your house has an obviously older paint job, be prepared for buyers to ask about lowering the price since they’d need to spend money to repaint. New paint that’s done well can make your home look so much fresher and nicer. It may be smart to choose an airy, light, uplifting shade.

Whether you need an interior touch-up or a full house repainting interior and exterior house painters can help you. Call our team at Midlands Pro Painters today to get started!